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Client Satisfaction

Satisfaction starts with clarity. Ensuring that your client populations understand their health conditions and healthcare rights is an important step towards setting proper expectations and aligning those expectations with delivery. Statistics show that 50% of patients walk out of the physician’s office not knowing what they were told or are supposed to do.

Healthier Clients

Prevention, prevention, prevention! Clients are happier when they are healthier. Through effective wellness education and coaching initiatives, payers have an opportunity to help their clients avoid preventable conditions. Teaching in ways clients learn best and engaging clients through channels they trust most, is essential to making progress towards healthy population outcomes.

Better Care Coordination

Care that is not integrated not only creates confusion for your clients but obviously creates gaps in care that can compromise quality and also result in financial duplication. Clients can be left vulnerable and frustrated. Priority needs to be given to ensuring cohesion between care teams and monitoring the continuum of care for optimum health results for each client.

Better Cost Management

Cost control benefits everyone. A focus on the right care in the right setting at the right time yields winning results for your clients, your providers and your organization. Clients need to be empowered with knowledge and easy access to information. Health literacy, including health cost literacy, creates better decision making on an individual level–and that is where the power of change happens.

Community Connections

With so many changes taking place at such a rapid pace it can be a challenge for clients to keep up. Staying connected with community leaders and involved in community initiatives can  be a highly effective way to drive important health campaigns and wellness initiatives. Ensuring access to care, communicating wellness strategies and promoting preventive care are all important priorities that can be supported through community resources.


PHL partners with the payer community to promote patient empowerment and decision making that result in desired outcomes that please all stakeholders.

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