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Special Populations Outreach
Chronic Care Management (CCM)  

Expand patient care and incorporate a new reimbursement opportunity by integrating monthly non face-to-face care to improve patient compliance and outcomes. Through Medicare, practices are partnering with PHL to impact patient engagement and self-care without adding office expenses. Click here to schedule a free consultation.   


Transitional Care Management (TCM) 

Leverage coordination to achieve positive outcomes for your patients and your practice, while also achieving health reform performance metrics with great success. PHL orchestrates coordination to close gaps of care between health settings. Click here to schedule a free consultation.    



Behavioral Health Integration

Behavioral health issues are an increasing challenge to population health management. PCPs can often be the first providers to discover a potential behavioral health issue. Given this, CMS recognized the need to support the expansion of behavioral health integration (BHI) in primary care settings by adding CPT G0507. Click here to schedule a free consultation.    


Hospital Readmission Reduction

Expand transitional care and case management strategies by outsourcing coaching & monitoring programs to support discharged patients through recovery. PHL’s culturally competent approach to supporting patients within their individual living environments and lifestyles can make the 30-day post discharge period more successful. Click here to schedule a free consultation.